Connect-85 Software

The product described on this page is Copyright (C) 1995 Magnus Hagander (

What is the Connect-85 software

The Connect-85 software is a program written for Microsoft Windows, which is used to: The Connect-85 software is written to be a complement to the existing software delivered by Texas Instruments.

Hardware and software requirements

To run the Connect-85 software, you need the following:

A ScreenShot from Connect-85

This is a screenshot from the Connect-85 software.
Copyright (C) 1995 Magnus Hagander.
Please note that this is a beta-stage product. The look of the program may change before the final release. This screenshot was taken when running Microsoft Windows (TM).


The program is currently in beta testing stage. No support is given except what answers you will get on the mailinglists. Download the program here.